CRM Regulatory Compliance

MaCRoM™ is a specialized Control Room Management (CRM) web-based application developed by industry experts to fulfill all the needs and requirements of pipeline operators and regulatory agencies related to the core operation of control rooms according to API 1168. MaCRoM has been designed to fulfill the requirements defined by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and 49 CFR 192.631 and 195.446. Its documentation, collaboration, and reporting tools provide an all-inclusive human factor management plan that reduces risks and increases data visibility and integrity.

Electronic Logbook

MaCRoM keeps track of all control room activities and actions, including events such as phone calls, alarms, emergency plan implementations, and daily operator shift tasks. Furthermore, this detailed and intuitive logbook facilitates better communication of news and special situations between operators during shift transfers

Callout Management

In order to ensure an effective and coordinated operation, controllers should be able to contact the right person on the field to provide support and assistance during an emergency or incident. Through the Callout Management module, MaCRoM helps control rooms organize the information related to on-call service-crews.

With the Callout Management module, controllers are provided with a very clear and intuitive schedule of the personnel that are on call for different support services. MaCRoM allows the user to create different types of support groups, from general maintenance crews for pipeline calls, to specific support groups.

Management of Changes

MaCRoM allows control room operators to coordinate activities ranging from scheduling project tasks, to attending emergency outages. Its Manage of Change modules allow field personnel, project teams, and other relevant groups to easily schedule and coordinate, while simultaneously creating traceable procedures to ensure a prompt and effective team response.

MaCRoM manages System Changes (traditional MOCs) and System Outages.  For either source of change, MaCRoM keeps track of all details related to the events including:

-the MOC creator and date of creation
-affected assets/divisions/locations
-change implications
-capacity and/or volume gains or losses
-MOC active period

CRM Reports

MaCRoM is the perfect application to maintain updated records. It was designed specifically to comply with the  API 1168 requirements, and PHMSA and DOT standards. The application consolidates relevant documentation in an easily reportable format to demonstrate that proper actions were taken to ensure safe operation of the system. MaCRoM can also generate configurable graphic reports that allow users to evaluate multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of their control room.