Tory-Tech designs, develops, integrates and deploys software solutions for the Oil and Gas and other industries. Decades of expertise in software development and implementation have resulted in a unique suite of solutions specifically designed to solve key challenges in control rooms, flow measurement departments and terminal logistics.
We not only create unique software applications, but we also integrate them with other industry-standard solutions to create the most comprehensive suites in the market for Control Room Management (CRM), SMADA, and Terminal Automation applications.
We strive to provide tools to manage more effectively, collaborate more dynamically and simplify business processes to achieve higher efficiency and profitability.


Our Control Room Management software can help your company meet and exceed the API 1168 standards by making documentation easy and organized, therefore, efficient. We can provide an intuitive and collaborative workspace for controllers to record events, schedule tasks as well as coordinate activities, and create traceable procedures.

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Supervisory Measurements and Data Analytics

Tory Technologies have successfully materialized the SMADA concept, that is, a solution to gather, validate, manage and analyze Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data.
Production and Transportation companies can now count on a dedicated system just for measurement without having to piggyback on the existing SCADA. With a SMADA solution like COSMOS, measurement departments can manage their volumetric data in a comprehensive and integrated matter with the applications and analytics specifically designed and created for flow measurement.

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The terminal automation system COTAS is the complete solution for product transfer management and load process control in the tank farm. This PC-based software coordinates the business processes from storage and multi-client stock balancing to dispensing. COTAS is linked to all instrumentation in the field, and due to its diverse and open interfaces, it can easily integrate with a variety of measurement devices and higher-level ERP systems, providing you with quick and effective transparency into your tank farm.

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