The world’s first SMADA solution

COSMOS is Tory-Tech’s SMADA solution that provides measurement departments a dedicated set of applications specifically designed for collecting, managing and analyzing Electronic Flow Measurement data.
COSMOS uses Kepware as the IoT polling engine for retrieving EFM data directly from flow computers to the cloud and FLOWCAL as the measurement management engine.
These two powerful engines combined with Tory-Tech’s modern and agile user interface and analytics module provides a robust and complete solution for measurement management.



  • Operational Supervision & Control
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • PLCs & RTUs
  • Sampling time – sec. / min.
  • Operational Variables – Pressure, Temp, Flow


  • Measurement Supervision & Data Analytics
  • Semi-Real Time Monitoring
  • Flow Computers & Tickets
  • Sampling time – hour / day / week.
  • EFM Data – Avg. Pressure, Avg. Temp, Pulses

The COSMOS Ecosystem


The COSMOS Visualization Layers


  • Standard IoT polling engine by Kepware supporting many standard protocols
  • Compatible with most commercial flow computers
  • Encrypted standard CFX files
  • Auditable and Traceable transactions
  • Standard measurement validations
  • A comprehensive set of exceptions
  • Unlimited configurable balance and inventory locations
  • Role-based security
  • Web-based portal
  • Supports manual data entry for legacy processes and devices
  • Powerful Analytics module
  • A friendly and intuitive user interface
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