Control Room Management

Control Room Management

We know that the control room can be a hectic place with thousands of alarms, calls, events, field operations. Let us help your company meet and exceed PHMSA standards.

Metering Systems

Metering Systems

Tory Technologies has partnered with the top European skid manufacturers to bring these state-of-the-art technologies to the Americas.



Having a top-of-the-line measurement system is not enough. Today’s demands for instrumentation accuracy and performance require reliable and effective tools for managing, calibrating and servicing.


Tory-Tech provides to its multinational clients the most creative, efficient, and tailored solutions for terminals and pipeline control rooms. Our team will partner with you to identify control room management, metering, and measurement needs, and recommend the software and equipment package that is right for you.



At Tory Technologies, we’re truly excited to meet you. From the very beginning, we look at each project as a true partnership. We are industry experts with decades of experience in Oil and Gas, and we intrinsically understand the dynamics of this business, as well as the challenges associated with each step along the way. This is why we have partnered with the best vendors and suppliers all over the world. We will independently assess your specific company’s needs, and provide you with a detailed, fully customized solution utilizing our revolutionary products and software.


Our unique, innovative technologies for pipeline integrity management, quantitative, semi-quantitative, and geotechnical risk analysis as well as our fully integrated software and equipment solutions will allow you to better manage your business in-house, achieving highly beneficial efficiency and operational gains.

Our services have helped oil and gas companies:

  • Handle industry-specific functions such as pipeline encroachment tracking, volumetric data management, and tank farm load process control
  • Stay compliant with reporting requirements and regulatory guidelines (PHMSA)
  • Streamline daily operations and efficiencies
  • Maintain data accuracy and integrity
  • Increase value of recorded data
  • Improve performance and business productivity


The delivery, configuration, and final installation of our products is performed by a team of industry experts who have been working specifically in the pipeline arena for decades. Our years of experience allow for us to anticipate and thus mitigate potential risks, saving you  both time and effort. We have achieved success with clients from custody transfer units, to compact metering lines, to flow measurement data integrity. We feel certain that we have the right solution for you.